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Interfaces for Binary, Serial and Analog Signals, Power Supply Units, PLC System Cabling and Eletronic Load Relays.

The comprehensive range includes everything that industrial communication needs: interface converters, repeaters, optic fiber converters or simply the perfect connection technology for optic fibers and data lines.

The transmission of analog signals in industrial environment is susceptible to interference. Precise signal conversion, level matching and isolation increase the transmission quality and ensure the quality of the measurement circuit.

In potentially explosive atmosphere, safety is top priority. These modules with the "intrinsic safety" degree of protection are used for measurement and control applications.

INTERFACE Power Supply
The reliability of a power supply unit determines the availability of the individual components of a system and whether complex systems function reliably. The INTERFACE Power Supply range covers even high global requirements in 3 lines.

AUTOMATIONWORX is a flexible and open communication platform based on international standards. It is centered around PC-based control, Ethernet communication and multibus connectivity.

As an open and versatile communication platform AUTOMATIONWORX provides you with scalable automation solutions and a full portfolio of finely tuned products. From ETHERNET infrastructure component such as switches or media converters via software and control products to multibus I/O systems.

Fieldbus I/O is a high-speed I/O network that distributes Input/Output modules from the controller cabinet and places them in the field near the end devices. Automation replaces the bulky parallel wiring with one slim serial bus cable and transfers the input and output signals from the I/O devices to the controlling device in a deterministic, high-speed, and reliable method. Automation is an industry-proven and open distributed I/O system with applications in the material handling, automotive, manufacturing, machine tool, and many other industries.

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