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PCB Terminal Blocks, Plug Connectors for PCB, Electronic Housings , Plug-In-Card Blocks and DIN Female Connectors.
PHOENIX CONTACT is the industry leader in PCB terminal blocks. When it is a matter of designing your PCB connection in rational, easy-to-service and clear-manner, the COMBICON range from the Phoenix Contact are the first choice.They provide a flexible solution for all the wiring requirements of device manufactureres and PCB processors. Together with the electronic housings, both ranges open up an infinite number of possibilities for "packing" printed circuits efficiently and for connecting them with device peripherals.

The Printed Circuit Terminal Blocks Range.
The PCB from Phoenix Contact are considered worldwide to be the standard for the reliable and efficient individual wiring of PCBs. They also offer special designs for special requirements, e.g. for SMD or press-in technology.


Phoenix Contact offers an infinite number of possible connections due to it's large number of variants. Terminating and mounting options include screw clamps, spring cage, IDC, crimp, wire-wrap, press-fit, and surface mount (SMD). All industry standard pin spacings are available from the smallest for control wiring 2.54mm (.100") to the highest power requirements 10.16mm (.400").

The Eletronic Housing Product Range.
The trend towards distributing the electronics directly into system and miniaturizing electronic modules to form compact, easy-to-mount devices, has largely increased the need for more and more appropriate electronic housings with integrated connection facilities.Phoenix Contact electronic component housing assembly are available for either modular DIN rail mount or fixed panel mount applications.

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