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High-resolution incremental encoder to meet highest demands.
Hengstler has extended its successful 'RI' family of incremental encoders by another member - the high - resolution hollow-shaft encoder R158-F. This new encoder type offers such outstanding features as 10,000 pulses per turn and up to 14 mm shaft diameter.

Its rugged design, which has been achieved by a large bearing clearance, makes it an idea feedback encoder for asynchronous motors and industrial applications. The integrated stator coupling with high self-resonant frequency supports the dynamic drive characteristics while ensuring high resolution. What engineers at Hengstler had in mind when designing this new encoder was not only smooth operation, but also easy handling and trouble-free integration. As a result, R158-F does not need a cylinder pin on the drive enclosure or any special tools and accessories for installation.

With its continous hollow-shaft it is mounted by means of clamping ring on the side facing the drive and/or by a clamping ring on the side turning away from the drive. The new incremental encoder is mechanically compatible with the AC58 family of absolute encoders and RIS58 sine encoders. This guarantees highest flexibility in selecting the measuring principle and keeps the need for adaptation at a minimum.

HENGSTLER  tico 735, DIN size 48 x 96 mm
Electronic Totalizing Counter + Time Counter + Preset Counter + Tachometer and Flowmeter + Position Indicator:

  • Brilliant 18.5 mm high dual-colour red/green LED display with programmable colour settings.
  • As standard, all models have limit or preset values and scaling function.
  • Universal Power Supply 90...264 V AC or 20...50 V AC/DC.
  • DIN housing 48 x 96 mm, mounting depth < 100 mm.
  • Large keys offer safety and ease of operation.
  • NPN and Relay Outputs.
  • Option: RS 485 ASCII protocol serial interface for all versions, "Remote Display" version receives process values over RS 485.

HENGSTLER  Type 478, DIN size 25 x 50 mm
Plug-In Time Counter for Modular System 400:

  • 6 or 7-digit display, 4mm height with or without reset.
  • Counting range 0-9999.99h or 0-99999.99h depending on model.
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance through plug-in system.
  • Can be combined with other counters in the modular system 400.

HENGSTLER Shaft Encoders, Linear and Angular Measuring System
Continuously increasing demands with regards to precision and productivity, combined with cost reductions due to automation, the use of encoders are indispensable in numerous industrial sectors. Hengstler's overall encoders product range offers:

  • Incremental/absolute encoders.
  • Hollow shaft encoders.
  • Ex-protection versions.
  • Stainless-steel versions.
  • Field-bus encoders.
  • Sine-wave encoders, motor encoders.
  • Industive linear & rotary measuring systems.

ACURO allows safe communication with all common field-bus formats and open interfaces. Point-to-point communication, such as SSI, parallel, as well as the field-bus versions Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN, Canopen, Interbus, are available. The new manufacturer-independent BiSS interface is included in each standard SSI encoder, and once again HENGSTLER proves to be a pioneer in open standard communication.

  • ACURO-Drive: First fully digital motor-integrated encoder with open BiSS interface.
  • ACURO-Industry: Adaptive encoder exhibiting 58-mm diameter industrial standard.

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