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Hengstler Industrial Counter and Control Technology - from mini-counters to sophisticated programmable control counters, totalizing, preset, time, shift and interface counters, position indicators, multifunction counters, timers, controls, tachometers, displays.

Hengstler Shaft Encoders - advanced technology and high flexibilityare the essential features of Hegstler's incremental and absolute encoders. Monolithic integrated OPOASICS replace up to 200 SMD components in a highly reliable way. The modular design enables users to select their desired version from more than 2 million encoder variants. ACURO Encoders - with this NEW encoder family, HENGSTLER offers the market a viable, future-oriented solution for industrial control engineering and integrated motor feedback applications. The name speaks for itself: ACURO stands for accuracy. However, this is but one of the many customer-oriented objectives that have been achieved with this new encoder concept.

Now offered with fully wear-free Multiturn Technology

ACURO-XR® Series EncodersACURO-XR® family of absolute encoders expanded by integrating state-of-the-art, wear-free and highly reliable multiturn technology.

Encoders of the new ACURO-XR® series are your reliable partners for applications under harsh operating conditions. They are capable of withstanding highest acceleration rates, mechanical stresses, extreme climatic fluctuations and even underwater operating conditions.

The ACURO-XR® series is characterized by an extraordinarily rugged mechanical design, highest reliability and a long useful life. Its highly robust enclosure and generously dimensioned bearing easily cope with high axial and radial forces up to 300N. The PCB with its evaluation electronics, sensor asic and electronic multiturn features multiple fastening and protection against humidity, corrosion and contact breakage. Extremely high shock accelerations up to 2,000 m/s² and vibrations up to 200 m/s² are no problem for ACURO-XR®.

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